Brad Rickert is a stand up comedian, writer, producer and filmmaker based in Chicago. Originally from Indiana, Brad moved to Chicago in 2011 to pursue a career in comedy. Brad is now producer/host of Chicago comedy shows, Ten at The Store (stand up showcase now in it's 5th year) and Blanket Fort (Thrillist recommended variety show in a Blanket Fort). Brad is also the former producer/host of Humor and Harmonies, a comedy and music mash up show that he recently took to New York City at the Brooklyn House of Comedy. He’s opened for cast members from Jackass and The Trailer Park Boys and tours nationally as a headliner. He was runner up in the 2016 Title Bout Comedy Challenge and the also runner up in the 2015 Shenanigans Comedy Contest, both contests to crown the funniest comic in Chicago. In 2012, he also appeared a finalist in the NEXT UP Chicago’s Best Stand-up Search at UP Comedy Club. Brad is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory program and iO Improv program and performed in the 2013 and 2014 Chicago Improv Festival. You can check Brad’s stand up special “Moderately Attractive” and his original pilot "Hi Buds" that he wrote, directed, and starred in at facebook.com/hibudsprod. If you want to see him live in your city keep your eyes peeled for traveling stand up show A Better Comedy Show, coming to a city near you.

  • Stand Up

    Brad Rickert is a dynamic and enthusiastic performer whose act blends in your face stupidity with an unconventional approach to the stand up comedy format. His unique sensibilities have fueled a decade long journey in comedy which has taken him all over the United States as a touring headliner and emcee. You can currently catch Brad as host and producer of two monthly Chicago shows, The Ten at the Store and Blanket fort. After concluding The Civil Union Tour at the 2017 Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, Brad has spent 2018 touring with his stand up comedy collective, A better comedy show.

    10 Minute Set

    February 9, 2017
    Playground Theater
    Chicago, IL

    Brad Rickert: Moderately Attractive (stand up comedy special)

    November 28, 2015
    Route 2 Brews
    Lowell, IN
  • Hi Buds Productions

    Hi Buds Productions was founded by Brad and his creative partner Kyle Delnegro in 2015. The majority of their projects are written, directed, and feature Brad and Kyle. Their first major project was the pilot "Hi Buds" which premiered at Comfort Film in August of 2015. Hi Buds Productions focuses on short films, internet content, and videos that can all be found on facebook.com/hibudsprod.

    Hi Buds

    Hi Buds is a stoner comedy pilot written by Brad Rickert and Kyle Delnegro that follows the story of a guy trying to readjust to life after his girlfriend breaks up with him. Whether it's finding a new place to live, dating, or even just making it through the day, you can always count on your buds!

    Imaginary Friend

    A young adult, Charlie, is challenged by his therapist to confront his imaginary friend, Greg.

    Black Guys Try Hummus for the First Time

    Buzzfeed parody that has black men trying hummus.  

    Flint Water Crisis: A Short Documentary

    On Sunday January 31st, 2016 Hi Buds Productions teamed up with Flint's The Working Hands United to distribute bottled water to the citizens of Flint, MI. The water being distributed was purchased with money donated by residents of the Greater Chicago Area. This documentary covers just one day in Flint in the midst of the water crisis. Thank you to all of the residents who were so willing to share their stories with us!
  • Upcoming/Past Shows

    Here's a list of places you can see Brad and places you can see Brad if you have a time machine


    1/7 Humor and Harmonies @ Crowd Theater (Chicago, IL)

    1/14 Blanket Fort @ The Storefront (Chicago, IL)

    1/18 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    1/20 Airbnb House Show (Chicago, IL)

    1/21 Shithole (Chicago, IL)

    2/2 Opening for Dame Grant's The Milwaukeean @ Second CIty's DeMaat Theatre (Chicago, IL)

    2/11 Blanket Fort @ The Storefront (Chicago, IL)

    2/15 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    2/23 Shenanigans (Portage, IN)

    2/24 Keith Evan's Album Recording @ The Den Theater (Chicago, IL)

    2/25 Sad Party's Sad Party @ Second City's DeMaat Theatre (Chicago, IL)

    3/3 Hot Dish Comedy @ North Bar (Chicago, IL)

    3/4 Humor and Harmonies @ Crowd Theater (Chicago, IL)

    3/11 Blanket Fort @ The Storefront (Chicago, IL)

    3/15 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    3/18 Dead Comedy @ Alive One (Chicago, IL)

    3/21 Laugh My Dysphoria Away @ Elbo Room (Chicago, IL)

    3/23 Shenanigans (Portage, IN)

    3/25 Opening for Jake the Snake of WWE (Hobart, IN)

    3/30 Puddler's Hall (Milwaukee, WI)

    4/1 Humor and Harmonies @ Crowd Theater (Chicago, IL)

    4/8 Blanket Fort @ The Storefront (Chicago, IL)

    4/11 Clever Comedy (Chicago, IL)

    4/17 Tavern on Little Fort (Chicago, IL)

    4/19 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    4/20 Bob's Comedy Bunker (Minneapolis, MN)

    4/21 Bob's Comedy Bunker (Minneapolis, MN)

    4/25 Clever Comedy (Chicago, IL)

    5/5 Opening for Erik Stolhanske of Super Troopers @ Turner Hall Ballroom (Milwaukee, WI)

    5/6 Humor and Harmonies @ Crowd Theater (Chicago, IL)

    5/9 Clever Comedy (Chicago, IL)

    5/11 The Comedy Crave (Midlothian, IL)

    5/11 BEEF @ North Bar (Chicago, IL)

    5/13 Opening for Erik Stolhanske of Super Troopers @ Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL)

    5/17 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    5/21 Stay Happy Showcase (Chicago, IL)

    5/23 Clever Comedy (Chicago, IL)

    5/25 A Better Comedy Show (Portage, IN)

    5/30 Clever Comedy (Chicago, IL)

    6/3 Born Slippy Short Film Premiere at The Crowd (Chicago, IL)

    6/8 Blanket Fort @ Second City (Chicago, IL)

    6/14 Ashbary (Willows Springs, IL)

    6/16 Bardstown (Louisville, KY)

    6/22 A Better Comedy Show (Portage, IN)

    6/23 Ten and Friends (Chicago, IL)

    6/27 That One Show at Comedy Bar (Chicago, IL)

    7/1 Ten at the Crowd (Chicago, IL)

    7/6 Franklin House (Valparaiso, IN)

    7/12 Phyllis' Musical Inn (Chicago, IL)

    7/19 Ten at the Store (Chicago, IL)

    7/21 Blanket Fort @ Lawrence House (Chicago, IL)

    7/25 Beat Kitchen opening for Champagne Jerry (Chicago, IL)

    7/26 Club Above (Ann Arbor, MI)

    7/27 Trixies (Detroit, MI)

    8/11 Ten and Friends Summer Showcase (Chicago, IL)

    8/15 Blanket Fort @ The Annoyance Theater (Chicago, IL)

    8/18 A Better Comedy Show (Portage, IN)

    8/30 Comedy in the Garden (Chicago, IL)

    9/15 The Nick (Birminghman, AL)

    9/20 Ten at the Store (Chicago, IL)

    9/21 Puddler's Hall (MIlwaukee, WI)

    9/22 A Better Comedy Show (Portage, IN)

    9/25 Zanies Old Town (Chicago, IL)

    9/26 Zanies Rosemont (Rosemont, IL)

    9/27 Zanies Rosemont (Rosemont, IL)

    10/5 Ten and Friends (Chicago, IL)

    10/8 Stay Happy Showcase (Chicago, IL)

    10/13 Fate Night at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    10/19 Drop Comedy Club (South Bend, IN)

    10/20 Drop Comedy Club (South Bend, IN)

    10/20 Drop Comedy Club (South Bend, IN)

    10/21 Puddler's Hall (Milwaukee, WI)

    10/22 Subterranean (Chicago, IL)

    10/22 Stay Happy Showcase (Chicago, IL)

    10/24 North Street Cabaret (Madison, WI)

    10/25 816 Pint and Slice (Fort Wayne, IN)

    10/27 A Better Comedy Show (Portage, IN)

    11/10 The Quatro Comedy Show (Wheaton, IL)

    11/10 Ten at the Store (Chicago, IL)

    11/16 Roast of Johnny Lange @ Barrelhouse Flat (Chicago, IL)

    11/17 Comedy Collision (Crown Point, IN)

    11/18 Blanket Fort (Chicago, IL)

    11/28 Perfect 5 Showcase @ Shakers (Chicago, IL)

    11/30 A Better Comedy Show (Portage, IN)

    12/15 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    12/16 Blanket Fort (Chicago, IL)



    1/7 Guest List Comedy (Chicago, IL)

    1/19 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    1/20 Laughs without Liquor (Chicago, IL)

    1/26 Elbo Room (Chicago, IL)

    2/9 Undergrad Underground (Chicago, IL)

    2/16 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    3/2 Royal Comedy Theater (Hopkins, MN)

    3/3 Stacey’s Bar and Grill (Stacey, MN)

    3/6 Wiley’s Comedy Night (Coon Rapids, MN)

    3/12 Shithole Headquarters (Chicago, IL)

    3/16 Ten at the Store (Chicago, IL)

    3/21 MCL Lindsey’s Calling (Chicago, IL)

    3/22 Twincade (Griffith, IN)

    3/23 Zodiac Bar (Crown Point, IN)

    3/24 VFW Post #6841 (Lowell, IN)

    3/25 VFW Post #2536 (Michigan City, IN)

    3/26 Sunday Night Funnies (Grand Rapids, MI)

    4/1 Brookfield Elks (Brookfield, IL)

    4/4 Comedy Clubhouse (Chicago, IL)

    4/6 Creative Self Expression Showcase (Chicago, IL)

    4/7 1st Church of Cannabis (Indianapolis, IN)

    4/9 Rocketship Comedy (Indianapolis, IN)

    4/11 Zanies (Rosemont, IL)

    4/19 Trailer Park Boys @ The Wire (Berwyn, IL)

    4/20 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    4/26 Humor and Harmonies (Chicago, IL)

    4/27 Still Not Friday (Aurora, IL)

    5/3 Clever Comedy Show (Chicago, IL)

    5/6 4 Stop Bar (Michigan City, IN)

    5/15 At North (Chicago, IL)

    5/17 Ph Comedy Theater (Chicago, IL)

    5/18 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    5/20 Drunken Donut Shots and Giggles (Joliet, IL)

    5/25 Civil Union Tour @ Wip Theater (Chicago, IL)

    6/1 Elbo Room (Chicago, IL)

    6/14 Clever Comedy (Chicago, IL)

    6/15 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    6/22 Prime Time 9 @ WIP Theater (Chicago, IL)

    6/23 Chicago Rising Stars (Chicago, IL)

    7/8 Puddler’s Hall (Milwaukee, WI)

    7/12 Gallery Cabaret (Chicago, IL)

    7/14 Brooklyn House of Comedy (New York, NY)

    7/15 Broadway Comedy Club (New York, NY)

    7/20 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    7/23 Shithole Headquarters (Chicago, IL)

    8/4 Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)

    8/5 Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)

    8/6 Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)

    8/7 Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)

    8/8 Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)

    8/9 Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)

    8/11 Rising Stars @ Davenports (Chicago, IL)

    8/17 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    8/23 Hamburger Mary's Comedy Club (Chicago, IL)

    9/4 Humor and Harmonies Sully's House Rooftop (Chicago, IL)

    9/11 Beat Kitchen w/ Froggy Fresh (Chicago, IL)

    9/13 Flat Iron Arts Building (Chicago, IL)

    9/21 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    10/11 Flat Iron Arts Building (Chicago, IL)

    10/28 Ten at The Store (Chicago, IL)

    11/7 Booth Comedy Hour @ Elbo Room (Chicago, IL)

    11/16 Ten at the Store (Chicago, IL)

    11/29 Clever Comedy (Chicago, IL)

    12/13 Clever Comedy (Chicago, IL)

    12/21 Ten at the Store (Chicago, IL)